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Fall 2013 Wrap Up

The Winter 2014 List

Another late start to this list.
My Winter break was nothing to speak of. If I wasn't working on Whozawhat, I was at work, sleeping, or eating.

The anxiety concerning my University applications hasn't gone away. I have no doubt I'll be able to get into a CSU like Chico or San Diego. But I'm not interested in going to a CSU, but would really like to get into a UC. UCSD is technically the most desirable, but I don't know if I want to stay in San Diego anymore.

I need to have a stronger academic period too. It won't help with the university's decision to accept, but I want to make sure I do well. I can't have a repeat of Fall.

Wrap Up

An anxiety filled quarter centered mostly around academia. No time was found for Whozawhat or other projects, and I felt myself wanting to 'start of life, already' while in the thick of it. The good news is the end brought good progress rather than failure.

I'm looking forward to summer.

Primary List

Secondary List

  • Find some time for Whozawhat

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Hello World!

In the Summer of 2012, I finished a semester of college with a lot of time to do things, and in need of a way to keep track of it all.

It was a good success, and after some time it feel by the wayside as my “doing” habits grew stronger.

Instead of a TODO list, I'm keeping this blog as a quarterly journal of what has been keeping my occupied.

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