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In the Summer of 2012, I finished my college semester ready to do something productive and meaningful with my newly found free time. I had previously attempted to do something similar with no follow through. This time I put up a public list of TO-DOs that would challenge me and also give me time to do nothing with friends, work, and play games.

I've experienced mixed results during depending on the season that I'm in. It's not an excuse for not checking items of my list, but more of a reality. Last season, especially during school, I was unable to read novels as much as I liked so my three-books-per-season didn't go as far as I'd have liked. Pressing on, we'll see what we can manage during Winter.

Fall 2012 Wrap Up

The Winter 2013 List

This list serve as the Winter 2013 bucket list. The plan is to complete the items listed around the start of Spring, in March. The primary list will serve as the most important items to complete and include afterthoughts. The secondary list will be more menial tasks that don't need as thorough attention.

Wrap Up

Definitely one of my more interesting seasons. I spent most of it extremely anxious, stressed, and running around. I applied to a University for the first time, and at the time of writing I haven't received word back about admittance, but I don't think I want to go to USD. (It's expensive.) I also made a very interesting trip to San Antonio, Texas, which I've written about in detail. I am, as usual, looking forward to Spring where I will finish the Spring school semester and continue with some old projects, and maybe a few new ones.

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Hello World!

In the Summer of 2012, I finished a semester of college with a lot of time to do things, and in need of a way to keep track of it all.

It was a good success, and after some time it feel by the wayside as my “doing” habits grew stronger.

Instead of a TODO list, I'm keeping this blog as a quarterly journal of what has been keeping my occupied.

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