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Hello World!

This is my action list for the summer of 2012. Normally, a few weeks before the end of a Spring semester I fantasize about the millions of things I'd rather be doing than preparing for final exams. Because of a lack of preparation, I spend most of my actual summer time in front of my computer, playing video games. And the things I wanted to do, never get done.

This term will be different, and it's with this tool that I intend to document my adventures over the summer break.

The List

This list will serve as a Summer bucket list. The plan is that all things added to the list get finished before the start of the Fall term, in late August. Pictures will be posted alongside entries. The primary list will serve as the most important, or fun, things. The secondary list stuff that's not as interesting, but needs to get done anyway.

Wrap Up

Summer 2012 was one of the most productive and interesting seasons. I did a lot more than this list suggests, (a quality I'll try not to reserve for Fall) but the main objective did get finished. Outside the influence of school, I was able to continue to learn and do things that expanded my abilities. Do I think I could have done more? Hell yes, but Rome wasn't built in a day, and changing a lifestyle takes time.

Primary Hit List

  • Brew a beer (2-5 gallons) a week with Matt, and Shawn. Cheers!
  • Garry's Mod physics sandbox with Isaac. Unreticulating splines
  • Write a mod with Steam's Source API. Either this or making more Portal 2 chambers.
  • Write some neato and useful app. Gibson: Hacked
  • See to Kaji's homecoming from Colorado… and I mean see to it. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED
  • Dual birthday celebration and drunking with Matt, Ruby, Shawn, Kaji, Roman, and Jesse… July 5th MANY BEERS, HANDLE IT.
  • Prime, paint, and patch up the room I'm currently living in. GREAT SUCCESS
  • Get through at least three (3) books. READ READ READ

Secondary Hit List

  • Clean and organize my desk. OPTIMIZE'D
  • Clean my car. FINISHED!
  • Change the oil, and oil filter in my car. Check the air filter. OIL'D
  • Prepare for Calculus II. Home
Previous Seasons

Hello World!

In the Summer of 2012, I finished a semester of college with a lot of time to do things, and in need of a way to keep track of it all.

It was a good success, and after some time it feel by the wayside as my “doing” habits grew stronger.

Instead of a TODO list, I'm keeping this blog as a quarterly journal of what has been keeping my occupied.

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