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The Spring 2013 List

Getting a late start to this business, as I have been busy. We're now mid-April, and most of my steam is focused on school. The primary objective is to have a strong finish to this semester, and get a strong start to the summer doing any number of productive things. As always, the list will serve as a to-do list and upon completion include an afterthought on the experience.

Wrap Up

Not much was done during the Spring 2013. School kept me extremely busy, and when school went on summer recess, I increased my work hours, took a second job, and started working on Whozawhat a lot more than I had. Because of commitments and goals others had made, it was not possible for me to do the planned housework I had wanted to.
However, I did finish the school year off well, and even made the Dean's List for the Academic Year of 2012-2013. Being that I'm writing this extremely late, (procrastination) I can make the observation in hindsight that this was one of my more challenging seasons; not because of the difficulty of the work, but because a lot of the results on a lot of things depressed me. Yes, I'm quite aware that is often the reality of doing things, but like, fuck you, man, I want to be successful always. It made for an interesting summer though. Like, wicked interesting.

Primary List

  • Finish the Spring school semester minimum semester GPA of 3.0 Twitchy eyed obsession with GPA?
  • Enroll in a useful Summer School course. Nothing offered is useful.
    • Get a bona fide internship somewhere, paid or unpaid. ✔
    • If no internships turn up, utilize the Whozawhat Project as a self-internship. ✔
  • Increase hours at work, save funds for UCSD in the Fall 2014 ✔
  • Housework ✘ Lack of decisiveness made this impossible.
    • Dining Room
      • Painting
      • Flooring
      • Ceiling
      • Finish work (trim, etc)
    • Kitchen
      • Flooring
      • Cabinets
  • Finally finish “Arthurian Romances” that I've been reading since last fall. Reading

Secondary List

  • None yet.

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Hello World!

In the Summer of 2012, I finished a semester of college with a lot of time to do things, and in need of a way to keep track of it all.

It was a good success, and after some time it feel by the wayside as my “doing” habits grew stronger.

Instead of a TODO list, I'm keeping this blog as a quarterly journal of what has been keeping my occupied.

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