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Summer 2014

It was refreshing getting back into my projects that I had to neglect during the school season. The weather the entire summer was mild, so there was a distinct lack of sweltering programming that occurred; and an easy work schedule allowed for it to happen frequently. I also got the opportunity to do a lot of nothing given I wanted to. So I played a lot of Kerbals, some Dark Souls, and participated in the Wildstar launch.

Overall my summer was a welcome break from the grind that school can be, and a wonderful reminder of how happy I can make myself simply by working on the interesting things I love.

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Hello World!

In the Summer of 2012, I finished a semester of college with a lot of time to do things, and in need of a way to keep track of it all.

It was a good success, and after some time it feel by the wayside as my “doing” habits grew stronger.

Instead of a TODO list, I'm keeping this blog as a quarterly journal of what has been keeping my occupied.

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